How to Improve Your Survey in 3 Foolproof Steps – Part II

So, you’re looking for some quick and easy ways to make a big impact with your survey – that’s great! If you haven’t already, start with “How to Improve Your Survey in 3 Foolproof Steps – Part I”.

If your survey’s just about ready to launch… hold up! Before you hit “send” make sure you’re thinking about these action items first:


1. Test … and test Again

It’s always a good idea to test your survey before its launch. This will give you a chance to review and make any necessary or desired edits. Your survey should look its best, and the flow and functionality should work exactly as you’ve planned. SoGoSurvey makes it easy to test your survey with your team for pre-launch feedback. A Test URL can be shared and forwarded for a thorough review without recording test responses in your final reports. If you’re delivering your survey through an email invitation, you may prefer to send a Test Invitation to collect feedback on both the invitation and the survey. The more review you can do prior to sending your survey, the better results you’ll get. Check out this short video about Test invitations.


2. Increase Participation

If you’re looking for better response rates, give your audience a reason to provide feedback. Sometimes, simply letting them know that someone is listening and that their next experience could be enhanced is enough to motivate someone to respond. Encourage customers to participate in an upcoming survey by giving them a heads-up through other communication channels you may have available, increasing the likelihood that they will see it and respond.


3. Take Action

Not only do survey participants want to feel like their voice matters, they want to know that you’ve acted on their feedback. So, make sure you close the loop. You told them it was important to hear from them, and you asked for their feedback, so now tell them what you’re going to do or have done to make it count. Making survey feedback actionable can have a great impact on your organization and can encourage participants to take your survey the next time you send out a request.


If you’ve followed all of the steps here and in Part I, you’re ready to go live! For some final pointers, check out our Best Practices in Survey Distribution video.