HR Forms Simplified (3): Candidate Quiz

So, you’re mid-way through the hiring process — and this series! — and lots of great candidates have submitted your application form and been reviewed through your screening form… What’s next? Getting down to details with a candidate quiz!


The Candidate Quizchris-liverani-552010-unsplash

The entire goal of the hiring process is to fill a position with the most qualified candidate. While applications and conversations definitely help, sometimes it’s helpful to check that they’ve really got the skills you need. A good candidate quiz can:

  • Test skills
  • Check knowledge
  • Result in a score

Who doesn’t want to simplify processes? HR forms in general can make your life easier, and candidate quizzes can help you make decisions!

A few suggestions:

  • Get focused: Be very clear on the requirements of this position so that your questions are all relevant. Sure, they’re easy to score, but why would you include dozens of math questions for a writing position?
  • Narrow it down: Maybe you want candidates to feel a bit of pressure, but a super-long test might be too much. Instead, include a shorter list of key items and set the timer to keep things fair.
  • Know what you’re looking for: Are you only looking at technical skills, or are you looking for problem solving? Do you want people who can choose the best option from a list or who can make up a solution on their own? Are there any soft skills you’d like to uncover, or any clues into someone’s personality?


Once you’ve made some decisions, start your questions! Again, yours will vary based on the position, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Editing SkillsChoose the correct example(s) from the sentences below.
  • Technical Skills: Which of the HTML codes given below would bold the word BOLD?
  • Subject Knowledge: Which of the definitions below best describes HIPAA?
  • Critical Thinking: Choose a word below to fill in the blank in this analogy:
  • Problem Solving: Identify the steps you would take to address the following issue:


In a written format, it’s sometimes easier to drill down into details than in a conversation. Even the most experienced interviewers sometimes get a bit off track, and there are some skills that are better shown than explained. [“Are you good at math?” “Definitely!” “Great — prove it!”]

Again, as with other HR forms we’ve reviewed, take advantage of all the great bells and whistles of the online quiz tool you’re using. Use the right question type, set a timer, divide content into categories, automate scoring, display scores upon completion, send automatic alerts to you and thank-you notes to participants… The list of assessment options goes on and on, even as you narrow down to the perfect candidate.

Up next in our HR form series: Post-Interview Evaluation Form!


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