Increase Your Survey Response Rate – Pre-Population

Are you struggling with your survey response rate ? There are many things that you can do to increase that; ranging from targeting the right audience, crafting easy to understand questionnaire, to incentivising response.

How about pre-populating questions for which you already have the data? What’s pre-population? Here’s a quick overview on pre-population.

Now that you know what pre-population is and what it can do, you know immediately that it can help in 2 ways:

  1. Reduce the length of the survey by removing known questions
  2. Personalize the survey based on their past responses and preferences

Let’s talk about reducing the length of the survey. Many a times, when we run a survey, we are forced to ask questions for which we already have the data; name, age, education, job title, etc. only because we need that data at the time of creating the reports. With pre-population, you can create segmented reports without asking those questions.

With pre-population, you can personalize the survey not just by calling out their names in the survey, but also by routing/branching them around irrelevant questions. So, if you know that they do not like “XYZ”, you can completely hide questions about “XYZ”.

Pre-population helps in personalizing and reducing the length of the survey and thus increasing the response rate.

Go ahead and give pre-population a try today!