Increasing Response Rates for Your Online Surveys

To increase your survey response rates, you must make your survey interesting and interactive. It should be visually engaging and follow certain guidelines:

Respect Other People’s Time

It is imperative that you respect your survey participant’s time. Make sure your survey is short, crisp and relevant, in addition to providing clearly visible information and instructions. SoGoSurvey’s Pre-Population feature allows you to pre-fill known fields such as name, age and email address, which shows your participants you know who they are and are not wasting their time.

Personalize Your Invitations

The famous television show, Cheers,said it best. We want to go where everybody knows our name. Personal touches play an extremely important role in higher response rates. Use SoGoSurvey’s Customized Email option to add a personal touch to your survey invitations.

Get it, Got It, Good

SoGoSurvey offers you many ways to distribute your online survey invites. These include publishing your survey via email, SMS/text message, social media sites and webpages. Having multiple ways to distribute your survey ensures that you reach the most participants.

It’s All In the Name

Your survey title or subject line should accurately convey what your survey is about. This is not only an ethical obligation but also a legal one — the Can Spam Act of 2003 outlaws the use of false or misleading headers or subject lines. And, by creating an accurate, catchy title, you’re sure to grab your participants’ attention, thereby increasing survey response rates.

Eliminate GIGO

We are human; mistakes happen. But be careful because sending out error-ridden surveys will lead to participants dropping out and opting out. Avoid these issues with SoGoSurvey’s test invites. This level of quality control helps you eliminate mistakes before your survey goes live.

So what are you waiting for? Choose SoGoSurvey and watch your participation rates soar!