K-12 Lesson Plan: Using Surveys to Improve Education Efforts

It’s hard enough to be a teacher or educational administrator, nowadays. Educators make a serious time commitment to helping other people, often at less-than-spectacular pay, and with a distinct lack of appreciation. As a result, anything you can do to improve the process can make a difference, whether you teach grade school or you are responsible for running the school system (such as managing educator evaluation, training, and grants).

Online Survey to Improve Education Efforts

One of those process improvements, we feel strongly, is the use of surveys, quizzes, and polls. SoGoSurvey has over a thousand schools as clients that use the software everyday to collect data from teachers, parents, and students. We are very dedicated to this market and to anyone devoting attention to helping learners at every level; in fact, we offer significant discounts for teachers.

We have used all that experience in serving this market to make life even easier for busy teachers and school administrators, who rarely have time to delve into survey design.

For example, we created thoughtful, field-tested sample surveys that are a jump start for conducting high quality surveys quickly – saving you time and ensuring you don’t forget to ask an “obvious” question (that you think of only after you deploy the survey). You can use these pre-created surveys as-is, or edit the samples to meet your unique needs. Among them:

  • Bullying Incident Report  
  • High School Student Engagement Survey
  • Instructional Technology Needs Assessment     
  • Middle/High School Safe Schools Survey  
  • New Teacher Mentoring Survey
  • Parent Climate Survey     
  • Parent Safe Schools Survey
  • Professional Development Needs Assessment  
  • Staff Exit Survey   
  • Staff Safe Schools Survey
  • Staff Wellness Survey       
  • Student Climate Survey   
  • Student Safe Schools Survey       
  • Teacher Climate Survey   
  • Teacher Engagement Survey      
  • Teacher Professional Development Survey

Having those standardized surveys is especially useful for those who manage educational districts. For example, you can look at an individual school’s results (how engaged are the students in this school?) and compare them across the district. Plenty of tools built into SoGoSurvey let you measure and contrast results, such as filtering data or discovering unexpected correlations or looking at year-over-year reporting. You don’t have to be a research expert to get expert results: In-depth reporting is accomplished with a point and click interface. Unlike other online survey tools, there is no need to export to Excel and then work on charts and graphs on your own.

K-12 organizations certainly can appreciate SoGoSurvey’s ability to pre-populate surveys with known data, which improves accuracy and keeps surveys short. In addition, school administrators (local or regional) need to respond as soon as possible when an incident arises, such as a report of bullying; that, too, is built into SoGoSurvey. So is true anonymity, wherein you can assure people no one is tracking who-wrote-this, which is important when you want genuine answers from students or teachers.

In addition, SoGoSurvey is an affordable three-in-one tool, providing surveys, quizzes, and online forms. Many schools buy three distinct applications to meet their needs – and then need to take the time to learn how to each one.

We’re really proud of what we’ve built for the K-12 market. I invite you to take a look for yourself and see if you agree.