Thanks for the learning (and the likes!)

Thankful pie :)

This slice is for you.

First, let me get this out of the way: I’m thankful for our customers. Not to embarrass you or anything, but you’re kind of a big deal. Whether you’re a big company rolling out a customer experience management plan or a PhD student researching your way one step closer to dissertation and discovery, you’re our favorite.


In the big picture, though, one thing I’m realllllly grateful for is learning. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a teacher and I’m hooked on that A-ha! lightbulb moment when a student totally gets it. Maybe it’s because I’m a lifelong student and I can’t get enough from all those smart people out there who’ve got such great ideas.


A quick, thankful shout-out for some recent learning:

  • Hashtags! This one’s super straightforward. Instagram is such a fun platform to play with, and in picturing, punning, and hashtagging my way through in the past several months, I’ve learned so much from both our customers and our friends in the wider world. Do I measure success by likes? Well, not entirely, but come on. That’s pretty awesome.


  • Showtime! Did you ever think you’d have a weekly live show? Not me! Unless I’m in a classroom or giving a training, I’m mostly a behind-the-scenes kind of person. But hey! Try it… you might like it. We started doing SoGoLive (aka Facebook Live!) a few months ago and it’s now one of the highlights of my week. We hear from customers, get feedback from colleagues, and bring SoGoSurvey to live in a real (and hopefully entertaining, informative, or both!) kind of way. Plus, we learn so much each week about opportunities for improvement — stay tuned… every Tuesday at 2, just saying. ;)


  • Better! ‘Continuous improvement’ sometimes provokes eyerolls and groans, but it’s alive and well here at SoGoSurvey. Yesterday I helped a client work through a technical question and ended up learning some new tricks myself. From product features to user guide, from website to survey templates, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to serve our clients better. Could the functionality be more simple? Could the directions be more clear? Are we solving the right problem? So. Much. Learning.


Learning means we’re always open to new ideas. I don’t know everything (There! I said it!), and even though I work with lots of smart people, it’s just not the same without you.


Thanks for your questions that challenge us to give better answers. Thanks for your feedback that pushes us to perform. Thanks for those likes that power us through all the hashtags.


Enjoy the pie. We’ll see you again soon. :)