Let’s Poll Together

Polls are fun because they can provide a quick snapshot of public opinion across a wide range of topics. But compared to surveys, polls are viewed as trifles because they’re unable to provide the depth necessary for substantive analysis.

Polls! What are they good for?

Well, according to an article on TopRankBlog, at least 10 things. But to benefit from these strategies, you have to see polls as an interactive marketing tool that can have outsized returns if used properly. The author perfectly summarizes the power of integrating polls into your marketing strategy:

Online Survey Tool“Show you’re a thinker with succinct, smart and timely questions on a topic your followers care about. If you can consistently show the ability to bring people together in a valuable way, it builds trust, shows leadership and boosts credibility with your network.”

SoGoSurvey’s built-in poll application allows you to ask a powerful, pointed question and view the responses in real-time. You can also publish your poll and share the results on Facebook and Twitter. This application is tailor-made for anyone who wants to leverage the power of social media to engage with their audience to build trust and credibility.

Polls will be around for ages to come—their simplicity and sanguine temperament assure this. But smart companies are now utilizing them as a tool of engagement that—rather than divide us — can help “poll” us together.