Maintaining Security in Workflow Management using SoGoSurvey

We know how easy it is to compromise network security. Every day, we read stories about dedicated hacker groups that have infiltrated the most sophisticated public and private systems. Many of us have received frantic phone calls and texts from concerned family members and friends wondering why they received an email telling them to wire money to us in BoraBora.

Online Survey ToolAnd password sharing is one of the primary causes of data insecurity.

While many businesses take certain steps to protect their data such as assigning each employee a unique username and password, shared projects often come with shared passwords. The intent may be to facilitate workflow, but this is a disaster waiting to happen.

When it comes to designing, launching and analyzing a survey — especially complex, comprehensive surveys — assigning additional users to perform certain tasks can make it easier to complete a project. Unfortunately, password sharing can hamper or derail a project. Lack of accountability, the risk of unauthorized access and the potential for information theft are just a few of the risks of password sharing.

SoGoSurvey has the solution. We let you add multiple users to a single account, with every user receiving their own username and password — eliminating the risks of password sharing.

Good workflow management helps promote innovation through collaboration, and SoGoSurvey ensures that all your collaborations are secure by keeping your data safe.