Attention Millenials: I just need 223 minutes of your time…

I just need 223 minutes of your time . . . said no marketer ever. But maybe marketers should be asking that question. For most companies, long-term success and prosperity depend on attracting millennials. Fortunately, we know where to find them: Millennial internet users worldwide spend an average of 223 minutes each day on mobile devices. (That’s equal to 3 hours 43 minutes per day, or just over 8 weeks a year, if you’re wondering.)

Any successful millennial marketing strategy revolves around personalized content, offers, and services. To accomplish that, you need to understand your audience’s demographics, interests, and personalities. Mobile is the perfect platform to engage and get to know millennials, who tend to be generous with their personal information, as long as it benefits them.

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Already optimized for mobile devices, SoGoSurvey is ideal for distributing on-the-go, quick feedback surveys. Collect feedback via Net Promoter Score pop-ups, SMS and email follow-up, and more. Set triggers that acknowledge their participation, react to their feedback in real time, and offer attractive rewards. Their loyalty lies in the palm of their hands – to earn it, you need to be there.

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