More Conversation than Questionnaire

Traditionally, surveys have been used to gain insight into consumer opinion, among other things. While this has worked well in the past, today’s consumers are savvier. They have multiple ways to obtain and share information or voice their opinions. So a survey arriving in their inbox might not garner more than a cursory glance before being sent to the Trash folder.

More Conversation than QuestionnaireBut creating an engaging survey has a much higher chance of stoking your respondent’s curiosity, which increases the likelihood they’ll finish it. Whether including a statement in your survey explaining its purpose,embedding audio or video explanations within your survey that expand on certain questions or ideas,or allowing respondents to give pertinent feedback, providing information and a personalized experience is crucial to reaching your participants.

SoGoSurvey is a platform that allows you to connect with your audience individually. With true Advanced Branching, which lets you tailor the survey to your participants’ relevant interests; Question Display Logic, which lets you expand questions within the survey to further explore certain answers; and Piping, which lets you create a personalized survey experience, our platform provides respondents with a unique survey experience.

Surveys are moving away from the clinical question and answer approach. Now, in order to obtain substantive feedback, your surveys must become more intriguing conversation than dry questionnaire.