The Perfect Gift

If you’re just drifting toward your gift list, you’re probably asking a few questions about those last few ‘perfect’ gifts you need:

1. What’s it look like?

    • Coupon
    • Experience
    • Gift card
    • Homemade
    • Product

2. What’s it feel like?

    • Fun
    • Healthy
    • Luxurious
    • Sweet
    • Tasty

Mix and match to arrive at your perfect gift combo. Simple, right?

I’m not getting into cliches here (although it is the thought that counts!) or diving into stats about how big online shopping has gotten (although WHOA!), but really, I’m just here to help.

Another question to ask:

3. What do you want to hear the recipient say?

    • You shouldn’t have!
    • Exactly what I wanted!
    • Sounds like fun!
    • Wow — I can’t believe you made this!
    • I can’t wait to [] it!

You’d think I’d be sending you to some kind of gifting personality test, but no. Anybody who can build something like that is truly gifted. For all of Amazon’s wishlists and the letters sent to a certain gentleman at the North Pole, gifting is more of an art than a scientific business.

You might also think I’m about to propose to you the perfect one-size-fits-all gift solution. Nope. Anyone who says differently is selling something, at least according to The Princess Bride.

I can tell you, though, a few questions you shouldn’t be asking, like ‘How many?’ and ‘How much?’ It’s not a competition.

Advice? Work backward, 3 to 1. Start with the end in mind. Imagine your recipient’s face. Imagine the reaction to opening the gift. Where will you be? What will she say? What will he do?

The perfect gift is given twice — once to the giver and once to the receiver.

[And I didn't even mention surveys once! Okay, once...]