Printed Surveys: Back-Up to the Future

I remember how slow the internet used to be. This brand new technology which held so much promise could be as frustrating as getting an old black-and-white TV to show a decent picture. I can still hear the crackling hiss and jarring whine that launched me onto the Information Superhighway—at the breakneck speed of 56 kbits/s.

Printed SurveysToday internet access is instant.With 3G and 4G wireless connections, you don’t even have to be at home to surf the web. Unlike the late 1990s when internet connectivity was limited and spotty, now only rare service interruptions warrant news.

But as easy internet access has become synonymous with modern life, even temporary outages can have far-reaching effects. From the Christmas 2012 Netflix outage to the Anonymous hacker who took down GoDaddy (which was much more serious), the internet has some troubling vulnerabilities.

Smart businesses are prepared for these situations, and your online survey tool should be flexible, too. By providing scanner-ready surveys, SoGoSurvey ensures that a lack of internet access will not stop you from collecting the data you need.

As dependent as we are on the internet, we must recognize that nothing is foolproof. We need redundant systems and backups of our backups to protect our most valuable information. And when our newfangled technology fails, nothing beats an old-fashioned piece of paper and a file cabinet.