Release The Release!

Release Excitement!

Finally I get to use this picture!!

I don’t write that many blog posts that are only about the platform and how cool it is. We have a whole User Guide for that.

But in case you missed it, this week is a bit different.

Unless you’ve been hiding your head in the sand, you know we have a new release coming out this week (FRIDAY!!!). And yes, we’re pretty excited. How did you know?

Missed every single sneak peek session? Disregarded the details on this best-title-ever landing page? Okay, okay, fine. Just a quick list of highlights to look forward to:


Preview Power: Can’t get the whole picture fast enough in your survey previews? Skip to specific pages, disable Mandatory/Encouraged Response settings, show hidden questions, and even remove QDL or branching rules to show every single question and page. Fancy!


Track Survey: If you’ve never checked out this feature — what? Still, even if you’ve been there before, you’ve seen nothing yet. Fancy display upgrades and UI improvements make it easier to see what’s happening with your survey through every distribution channel at every minute. Awesome!


Reopen Submitted Responses: ‘Ooops!’ is something you never want to hear, and you probably don’t want to be saying it, either. This option lets you allow participants who’ve both (a) just submitted and (b) realize they made a mistake fix it themselves. They’ll click ‘Edit my response’ from the Thank you page and solve the issue, resubmit, and move on with their lives without requiring your follow-up.  Woo!


Question Hint: You know how you want to keep it simple, but sometimes people want a little more information? (Or, like, a lot of information, like so that it’s probably useful, but it takes up a lot of space and crowds the question and the answer and really messes with the whole aesthetic you had going on there before it got all out of whack, but you want to be a good survey administrator and you need to give the people what they want, right?) Now you can add extra details participants can hover over to see. Or not. Clean!


Drag-and-drop Ranking: It’s intuitive, right? The best gets pulled to the top, and everything else follows below. Now this question works the way my thought process does. Smart!


Piping Up: You’ve always been able to take an answer from one question and add it into the text of a later question, of course. (You knew that, right?) Now, take answers from one page and pipe them into answer sets later in the survey. Oh, you went to those three workshops? Which one was the best? Less guesswork, better data. Nice!


Scheduled Sending: Have team members who need an update now? And now? And preferably now, too? Schedule delivery of Saved Reports to get the right answers to the right people at the right time, then put your feet up. Cheers!


Sure, it’s not a complete list. What can I say? It’s better if you see for yourself.