Survey Features That Matter: Rules & Alerts

Gone are the days when people would patiently wait for something to unravel, which is why letters, carriages, and camera rolls have become a thing of the past. To keep up with people’s impatient speed, SoGoSurvey introduced Rules & Alerts – a convenient way to keep up with your surveys.

shutterstock_181731731_alarm,-flat-icon-isolated-on-a-red-background-for-your-design,-vector-illustrationSoGoSurvey’s Rules & Alerts feature is a boon for those chasing marketing leads. There’s so much this survey feature allows you to do to increase your customers’ loyalty and trust; we’re not surprised it’s become our customers’ favorite SoGoSurvey feature!

To begin with, you can set alerts for each time a participant completes the survey so that you can respond to them in real time. Perfect, if you have an OCD of sorts! If you are a John Q. Public, however, who finds it perfectly normal to not be bombarded with emails every five minutes, set alerts notifying you as well as your team members on the overall status of your survey at fixed intervals.

There are many things you can attach to your alerts – real-time reports, so that you are looking at the latest update, no matter when you check your email, or all the responses, so that the data comes to your inbox rather than you visiting the platform to check on the details. You can also set instant alerts for negative feedback so that you can do instant damage control; pretty handy, if you ask us!

And finally, as a token of appreciation for all the time and effort your participants put into your survey, send Thank You emails to your participants as soon as they submit the completed survey. Who knew we offered built-in manners along with our survey features?