Rules & Alerts — Elevating Individuals Over Data

Until recently, surveys were mostly about collecting data. The early survey tools did not allow you to treat your survey respondents as individuals. Instead, their responses were collected, compiled and reported on in a way that made one participant indistinguishable from the next.

But, Rules & Alerts has revolutionized online survey software. This feature transforms surveying from passive data collection to active intervention that lets you spot and fix issues that are bad for your business and to do this in real-time. Instead of looking at your participants as a crowd, Rules & Alerts allows you to view individual concerns. Now, there are not enough hours to do this manually, which is why you want powerful computer servers to do it.

Here are just a few ways that Rules & Alerts will transform the way you conduct surveys.

Customized Thank-Yous

At the simplest level, you can use Rules & Alerts to thank every respondent. SoGoSurvey has a feature that allows you to send a customized thank you message to your participants. Even if you didn’t know their email address to begin with (and they accessed your survey on Facebook, Twitter or on your website), you can create questions asking your participants their email address and can set a rule that automatically thanks the respondent for their participation. A nicely worded and timely thank you note speaks volume about your organization. It shows respect and caring for survey participants. It elevates how the world looks at your brand.

Instant Answer Analysis and Response

On a more advanced level, our Rules & Alerts feature allows you to receive instant notifications based on your respondents’ answers to one or more questions. For instance, if you have a customer on the East Coast who indicates dissatisfaction on a survey, an alert can be sent to the customer relation managers in the region. Timely intervention improves loyalty. Imagine the delight of a customer who expressed some concerns about their experience with you but who ended up receiving a call from a representative seeking to address their concerns. In business as in life, sometimes things will go wrong. It’s what you do when things go wrong that distinguishes winners from everyone else. Instant Alerts using SoGoSurvey lets you go beyond asking what’s wrong – it lets you fix things, delight customers and grow loyalty and profits.

Human Resource Management

Create evaluation forms for your potential hires, and use Rules & Alerts to alert your hiring manager once each supervisor has finished their candidate review. Build an easily accessible repository of candidate information that allows you to streamline your hiring process.

In addition, you can use Rules & Alerts to create parameters for job applications. If your HR department is receiving a large number of applications, they can set rules that outline highly qualified applicant criteria and receive an alert only when a candidate meets those criteria.

There are many more scenarios where Rules & Alerts will be applicable. With a little creativity and ingenuity, Rules & Alerts can be the foundation of a smarter organization.