SoGoSurvey + Salesforce = Nirvana

Salesforce Integration Sogosurvey

SoGoSurvey has provided integration with Salesforce for a long time. That integration is simple and allows our clients to access SoGoSurvey from within the Salesforce application.  In the upcoming Spring 2018 Release, SoGoSurvey will now have a strong and native integration with Salesforce. Let me explain.

You can now connect your Salesforce account from within your SoGoSurvey account. This is a simple one time process. Once done, you can pull Leads and Contacts directly into your contact list within SoGoSurvey. You can define criteria to pull only certain Leads and Contacts. Once a survey or a quiz response comes in, Salesforce records will be updated to indicate a response has been received. Likewise, you can also push data into Salesforce. That means as survey responses come in, you can map the survey questions with fields in Salesforce. Records in those fields will be updated, inserted or upserted depending on the case.

You can pull and push data into any standard objects or any custom objects. You can update Tasks and Activities as responses are recorded and saved in Salesforce.

Combine this new ability with other advanced features of SoGoSurvey. For instance, you can send a survey when a Case is marked as closed. Due to native integration, SoGoSurvey will keep track of the Case number and update Salesforce with the feedback collected by SoGoSurvey.

If you are bit more adventurous, you can have a bit more fun and in the process improve your customer satisfaction by alerting your client services team, in real time, to follow up with clients that indicate that they are not happy. This can be done using our Rules and Alerts feature in conjunction with Salesforce integration.

Salesforce integration is done with the key goal of automating processes in collecting responses from your customers and other stakeholders. This completely eliminates manual work, the pain, and errors associated with manual work. In other words, it frees you up to focus on the core goal of boosting customer satisfaction, and saves you some extra time to enjoy the outside!