Scheduled Survey Reports Save Summer

Is it summer yet?

With Memorial Day in the rearview mirror, it’s a safe bet we’re easing into the season right about now. Graduation ceremonies, barbeques, and vacations are just around the corner!

No matter your style, there’s a good chance that survey administration isn’t at the top of your list this summer. In all the casual conversations and top-ten “How to have the best summer ever” lists I’ve come across, “Create online survey” hasn’t been mentioned once. Shocking!

Still, the show must go on! While summer isn’t necessarily the ideal time for a big outreach (think vacation schedules, summer flex hours, and more), there’s definitely a case to be made for plenty of ongoing projects to keep, well, ongoing!

When you’ve got a system in place — accepting job applications, sending exit surveys, following up with new customers — it’s important to keep things moving, even when you’re out of the office and on the beach. Monitoring the data that’s coming in is a big part of ensuring success with any such system — but who wants to be cooking up reports from a campsite or keeping colleagues in the loop at a rodeo?

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It’s been a while since we introduced scheduled survey invitations, automatic reminders, and automatic condition-based expiration of surveys or invitations, so it won’t surprise you to hear these features recommended for summer success. Still, just in time for vacation, our recent release rolled out the perfect complement: scheduled report delivery. Fancy!

In other words, as results are coming in, you can update your team — and yourself! — with regularly scheduled reports so that everyone’s always up to date. Want to send a report to all managers every Monday? Done! Want to send a report when the survey expires? Simple! Choose the conditions, the delivery schedule, and the recipients, and you’re good to go.


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