Shrink Your Survey By Choosing The Right Question Types – Part 1

The length of your survey can scare a lot of people from completing the survey. There are 2 easy ways to reduce the survey length.

1. Eliminate irrelevant questions: Focus only on questions that would yield the insight that you are looking for. How to do that is a topic for another blog. In this blog, I’ll share a second and a quick way to reduce your survey length.

2. Choose the right question types: I come across many surveys that have the right questions but the wrong question types.

For instance, here’s a survey asking a series of questions that have the same answer options. They are laid out one after the other.

Compare the above survey with the one below. It’s the same survey but uses a Matrix Grid question type to reduce the length of the survey. It makes for quick participation and drives up the┬áresponse rate.