Shrink Your Survey By Choosing The Right Question Types – Part 2

In my previous blog, Shrink Your Survey By Choosing The Right Question Types – Part 1, I showed how one can use Matrix Grid question type to reduce the length of the survey. Take a look at that blog and make sure you are making good use of Matrix Grid.

Continuing along the same theme, I want to share a few more question types that will get you the data, but not bloat your survey questionnaire.

1. Intellimatrix: Many times, we want to capture a comment only if someone ranks or rates below an expected range. You can use Intellimatrix, an advanced Matrix Grid, to do that. You can set a rule that if a rating below a certain threshold is received, make the text box next to it active. See image below.

intellimatrix question type

2. Dropdown or Radio Button: Single select or radio button is one of the most commonly used questions types. However, use caution when to display all options on the page or put them in a drop down. The general rule of thumb is put them in a drop down if there are more than 10 answer options. Also, consider using a Horizontal Radio Button, as the answer options increase.

Use these tips to shrink your survey questionnaires without skipping any questions.

multiple survey question types