SoGoSurvey – Account admin and usage monitor

online surveySoGoSurvey offers a niche account administration platform for survey planning and monitoring. The minute you sign up, you have access to our complete suite of features, putting you in control of your own planning and monitoring process.

With account admin, it’s easy to customize account settings, create sub-accounts, manage and add users, and create and manage your Survey Calendar. You can even plan and map surveys to your Survey Calendar, receiving instant notifications whenever a survey is launched or closed.

In order to increase response rates, take advantage of the ability to schedule your surveys on specific days or in specific months. To share your surveys with a wider audience, use the features that allow you to create and add sub-users and/or sub- accounts to your main account. You can also assign survey launching duties and provide various levels of access options to other members of your team.

Acting as the nervous system of your SoGoSurvey account, account admin helps you clearly manage your account usage and control all elements of the entire survey process.