SoGoSurvey: Customer Feedback with Two Very’s—Too Cool!

When we help our small business owners with customer feedback, support mode is on full throttle. We know what small-biz owners are up against because we’re dependent on customer feedback, too. It’s how we improve our product. That’s why we were so pleased to receive this recommendation from a new, small business owner in Australia named Yanina. Yanina said:

Small business owners worldwide enjoy SoGoSurvey

Small business owners like Yanina use SoGoSurvey for market research.

“I’m in the process of setting up my own start-up, and I came across SoGoSurvey when looking for an online survey provider to help me with my primary market research.” Well thank goodness she found us! I’ve got to hand it to the SEO guys. They’re like pit bulls when it comes to keywords. Back to Yanina: “I found SoGo to be a superior product to its competitors, even competitors that I had used in the past in my previous jobs.” Mega-yes. Our latest customer survey confirmed that 68% of our users switched over to SoGoSurvey from other survey tools. “Their free membership offers more features compared to other competitors including basic branching. I signed up for the professional subscription because I needed question logic, advanced branching, and also advanced question design. I also had to translate my survey from English into Spanish. It was easy-to-do including the greetings for Spanish speakers.” Bienvenido! Muchas gracias. “What I found more impressive was their customer service team. They replied to all my questions in a very, very* fast manner. I hope you enjoy using SoGoSurvey as much as I do. Cheers!” You bet. Cheers all around. *There they are, the two very’s. By Natasha Peterson, content producer and member of the SoGoSurvey blog team. Are you ready for a superior, easy-to-use online survey? Try out SoGoSurvey for free at