Stick It: Land the Branding

Like most people, I’ve never been an Olympic-level figure skater, so forgive my total lack of knowledge on the right jargon. Still, is it not totally amazing when they nail the landing? Somehow, from all kinds of mid-air spins and twists at a crazy speed, they manage to land with confident grace, at speed, on solid ice, balanced on slivers of metal and brilliant smiles.

Right. I don’t know exactly what it’s all about (despite hearing this awesome NPR piece on ‘Ice Meisters’!), but I do know this: The landing makes a difference.

No matter the number of loops in the air or the sparkles on the costume, if a competitor slips and falls at the last moment, that’s it.

I had the same exact thought while looking at a plastic bag this weekend.

Stick with me.

A good shopping experience, good products — and all delivered in a generic plastic bag that read “Thank You For Shopping Here!” Points for enthusiasm, at least.

Despite the overall positive experience, the store didn’t quite stick the branding. Too bad. Studies suggest consistent presentation of a brand increases revenue by 23%. To repeat: Repetition helps. Unfortunately, the study continues, while almost all organizations have branding guidelines, only ¼ have formal guidelines that are consistently enforced. Hmm.

Want more?

Marketing experts rank new customer acquisition as their number one priority. And 77% say branding is critical to future growth. Of course, there’s plenty else to deliver — great products, high quality service, customer satisfaction — but branding helps build recognition and loyalty along the way. Content marketing and promotions can be really helpful, but being great at what you do and delivering that success in a beautifully branded package — that’s landing the branding.

(Not sure where to start? Try a brand awareness health check!)


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