Strange Days: The New Normal

So, is this the new normal?   When we checked in last week, our team had begun working from home — although not everyone prefers that term, according to a recent internal study…     Now, while our WFH status hasn’t changed, the rapidly changing global environment pushes us to expand the support we’re offering.   A few more templates… Last week, we offered a few free templates that may be of use to you.    Travel Disclosure Form Remote Work Readiness Evaluation WFH Check-In Pulse Survey Now, we’re expanding this offering to address many of the evolving needs we’re seeing. If any of these sound good to you, fill out this form and we’ll copy them into your account for free.   The Partner Response Survey idea came to our attention through a client project, and we love the idea. While the content here is completely original, we were inspired by this use case: While you know how your own organization is responding to this crisis, how are your partners — vendors, contractors, sub-contractors, and more — adapting or adjusting? Sharing this questionnaire with your contacts is a smart way to get fast answers and to adjust your own practices as needed.   As more and more people are adapting to remote work, the WFH Healthy Habits Check-In is another pulse survey designed to help you keep in touch with your employees, as well as to encourage and inspire healthy habits. Part informative suggestion and part data collection, we’re using … Continue reading Strange Days: The New Normal