Surprise! Our Online Survey Customers Switch to SoGoSurvey from… Really?

We not only provide online surveys, we do them, too. Customer feedback helps us improve our services. The last survey we did knocked us for a loop and now, we get to brag (a little).

On March 6, the customer support team launched a short survey dubbed Then&Now. HappyDanceSoGoSurvey customers, both with free sign-ups and paid packages were asked four questions: 1. Which survey tool were you using before SoGoSurvey? 2. Why did you switch to SoGoSurvey? 3. Would you recommend SoGoSurvey to your colleagues and friends? 4. What can we do to help you better?

We were amazed to learn that a full half (50.32%) of our customers switched to SoGoSurvey from SurveyMonkey, the big online survey company. We didn’t think it was that many.

Respondent A.C. Franco wrote, “No contest. SoGoSurvey gave me much more flexibility in design, analysis and survey administration. SurveyMonkey is good for a casual user- friendly interface etc. but doesn’t have the chops for an expert user.” We also read, from one of our professor clients (and this is just a snippet), “I evaluated more than 10 survey products and by far SoGoSurvey has the best automatic reporting component, very easy to use and customize…”

In general, the most cited reasons for the switcheroo were access to more features on free accounts, more branding and customization, that they needed more reporting options, pricing (hey — nothing like those free student licenses and nonprofit upgrades), and that SoGoSurvey was easier to use.

We knew that.

Another 13% of customers switched to us from Qualtrics, Google Forms, SurveyGizmo, and others, while the remaining 37% of respondents were first-time users. Of customers who switched to SoGoSurvey from all other online survey tools, 92% said they would recommend us, and to the last question, “What can we do to help you better?” only 5% submitted a reply. That tells us that we’re doing a good job.

Happy Dance!

By Natasha Peterson, content producer and member of the SoGoSurvey blog team. To switcheroo to SoGoSurvey, go to