Survey Ideas for Human Resources Professionals

Missed our webinar? We share a few quick highlights from our Q&A and a full recording. Check it out and sign up for a free trial today to get started!

We had several great questions at our ’5 Things Every HR Pro Should Know’ webinar today. Sounds like there are lots of people looking for answers on surveys, Human Resources, and more!

In case you missed it, here are a few highlights from our Q&A that might be helpful for you, too:

What’s the deal with pre-population?

When you’re sending out a survey and you already know some of the answers, why ask the questions? Let’s say you want to be able to report out on employee engagement by department. You know you need that department question in there to run that report. But hey, they’re your employees. Of course you know their departments! Why waste my time as a participant? Even more, it’s a little insulting if my employer sends me a survey and asks me which department I belong to. Come on!

Pre-population lets you load those answers along with your distribution list so the answers are pre-filled for participants. Plus, you can hide those questions to save time, or make them editable or read-only. Smart and efficient, especially for internal HR surveys for employees.

How fast can I design and send my survey?

You can do it today! Plus, if you don’t design it, you can save lots of time! Starting with our Survey Bank is a really great way to get ahead. Whether you decide to use a complete survey and copy it right into your account, to tweak a few questions to meet your needs, or to just review a few examples for inspiration, the Survey Bank can save you lots of time. Of course, you can start from scratch, too, if you want to go your own way!

As for distribution, you probably already have email addresses for your employees. Load ‘em up and send ‘em out! Design an invitation for single-use links (strongly recommend!) or generate a link to post on your intranet or share through an all-company chat — in under a minute!

So, in short, it can be pretty fast! Of course, make sure you’re asking the right questions, or the report won’t fit your needs.

What are some of the most popular surveys for Human Resources?

Employee Engagement is a big one, along with Company Culture and Employee Satisfaction, for those big-picture views. Since HR covers a lot of areas, people might be interested in Employee Benefits Surveys, Professional Development Follow-up Surveys, and even Event Feedback Surveys. Employee Exit Surveys are part of the cycle, as well as Performance Appraisal, 360 Evaluations, and more — it’s a pretty long list!

What other tools could I use?

In addition to surveys and forms, we also offer integrated Poll and Assessment Tools. These are great for self-scoring evaluations, or even quick one-question pulse-taking. Not everything needs to be a survey, of course. Forms on internal websites are sometimes under-utilized — so many smarter ways to collect data!

Again, just a few highlights, but if you’d like to see the full recording, check it out here!

5 Things Every HR Pro Should Know