Survey or Poll: How to Determine Your Best Solution

As the world becomes increasingly flat, we need innovative solutions to manage the vast flow of information and data analysis. Surveys and polls have traditionally been a reliable way of accomplishing these tasks.

Today, online polls and surveys are streamlining this process. Whether you need a commercial business solution, or feedback from family, friends or colleagues, a poll or survey can greatly assist you.

SoGoSurvey allows you to create an online survey or poll in just minutes. The biggest decision you need to make is which one to use.

So, how do you decide which is a better option?

Create Online Surveys:

  • When you want to ask multiple questions across a wide range of advanced question types
  • When you need a more comprehensive solution for accurate quantitative or statistical data
  • When you want to determine who participates in your survey based on a certain set of criteria

Create Online Polls:

  • When you want to ask one multiple choice question
  • When you need the results quickly
  • When you want to get a general overview of audience opinion

Polls and surveys each have their advantages and disadvantages. Determining your exact requirements and target audience is the best way to decide which solution best meets your needs.

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