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How A Matrix Grid Can Boost Response Rates

In my last blog, Survey Language 101: Say What You Mean, I recommended breaking down complex ideas into several questions and introduced the Matrix Grid as a good option to accomplish this. Let’s dive in a little deeper and explore some more advanced options that will help you further simplify your survey.

5 Simple Ways to Transform Your Survey

Whether you’ve spent minutes or days working on your survey, it’s easy to miss a few pieces along the way. Get caught up in content and you ditch design. Focus on flash and you might slack on substance. Before you launch, step back for a look at the big picture, and review these five quick tips to jazz up your…

How Data Pre-Population Can Improve Your Surveys

Most of the time, conducting a survey is a fairly standard process: You assemble a set of questions to ask respondents, cajole them into taking the time to answer, and then dive into the results to discover tiny flashbulbs of enlightenment that help you make better decisions. That’s great – but sometimes we can do more than the basics. Among…