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5 Steps for Writing Perfect Survey Questions

Customer satisfaction surveys are an easy way to listen to the needs and experiences of your customers. But just because you have a survey tool doesn’t mean you’ve built a survey that will get you the results you need. Feedback from surveys can be a powerful business indicator, but such surveys are of little value if their response rates are…

Turn Smart Shoppers into Brand Advocates

Discovering a new company has never been easier. When researching an idea or looking for inspiration, my first stop is Google search. More often than not, I find plenty of guidance from those who’ve gone before. Plenty of suggestions, warnings, and opinions — albeit from complete strangers — are always close at hand. This has become such a reliable method…

The Mobile Survey Experience

Whether you fall into the category of “I can’t be without my phone for a minute” or “I have a phone, but really only use it for quick calls or in case of emergency,” you are likely part of the 95% of Americans who now own a cell phone. According to the Pew Research Center, “Americans today are increasingly connected…

How A Matrix Grid Can Boost Response Rates

In my last blog, Survey Language 101: Say What You Mean, I recommended breaking down complex ideas into several questions and introduced the Matrix Grid as a good option to accomplish this. Let’s dive in a little deeper and explore some more advanced options that will help you further simplify your survey.