Success: Pick Your Flavor

If you’ve been counting down with us through the month, you know we’re almost at the end of our 2017 Favorite Things Countdown. Success!

Can you believe it?

I’m surprised, too.

We like to talk about reflection at this time of year, and rightly so. Looking back shows us our growth, helps us understand things we’d do differently, and offers us insight into where we might want to go next.

What are you using to judge your success this year? Is success tied to your bank account, or to the number of new places you’ve visited? Is success connected to the number of people you’ve met this year, or the time you’ve managed to spend working on your own self-improvement? The cool new toys, or the time spent with your family?

No right answers, of course. Success comes in all kinds of different flavors, and everyone has their favorites.

Success comes in all kinds of different flavors, and everyone has their favorites. Click To Tweet

It’s why we did a countdown to the end of the year, rather than from top to bottom of the list. It’s why these are our favorites, just based on our own feelings and experiences this year. It’s why you’re free to disagree and suggest your own alternatives. You know, we’re kind of into feedback…

At the beginning of the month, I was really thinking about a wide range of categories, from favorite testimonial to favorite new website feature. From favorite case study video to favorite new product… there’s a lot to choose from.

But really, as I thought about the year, the list expanded. In the countdown, you’ll see our favorite daytime volunteering activity, our favorite pot of tea, and our favorite bit of swag. Our favorite ‘lost and found’, holiday webinar, and emjoji subject line all make an appearance.

So, it’s an interesting list. At least we think so. But hey, it’s our list. You can make your own.

What are a few of your favorite things in 2017? Get social with us and let us know! You’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course Instagram, where this whole series is playing out.

#SoGoGetExcited — 2017 has been a big year!

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