The Anonymous Survey: The secret to discovering how far your data can take you

Looking for candid feedback and not sure how to get it? Many times employees or customers are reluctant to share their opinions, recommendations, or experiences because they don’t know who might end up seeing their answers. This means you could be missing out on key insights into how your organization runs. But what about an anonymous survey? We’ve had this conversation before. When people are sharing sensitive information, or when they have a bad vibe about a situation, they are often really skeptical that surveys are truly anonymous.

To encourage participation, we built features into the platform that guarantee answers are kept totally and technically secure, meaning that nobody will know who the answers came from. For starters, once you set a survey as anonymous, a link will appear in the footer of the survey participation page. This lets your participants know that their answers will be secure. Click here and you’ll see our SoGoSurvey Guarantee. 

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We ensure that any information that could link a response to a respondent is detached from the survey responses. That includes email address, the geo-location or IP address, and the date and time of participation.

It doesn’t stop there. The SoGoSurvey platform can also take care of sending reminders to those who haven’t responded. The system can tell if a contact has replied or not and send the reminder on your behalf. This ensures that key information stays protected and that you get as many anonymous responses as possible.

Support these technical aspects by letting participants know in advance that the survey will be anonymous. This is great information to include in pre-survey communication and announcements, as well as the invitation and even the survey intro itself. A public thank-you to everyone who participated, as well as sharing results, will help to establish the right environment to make future surveys, successful. Plus, when you uncover insights, taking action always speaks louder than words.

Anonymous surveys are a powerful opportunity for both you and your participant. Consider making your next survey anonymous and leave the work to SoGoSurvey! Also, follow these steps to track your anonymous survey.