Things people shouldn’t say.

“Your son’s hair is too long.”

File that under “Things People Shouldn’t Say”.

Yep, this happened to me last week. I was out enjoying a nice breakfast with my son when we found ourselves in a conversation with a guest at a nearby table. When you have a happy, social toddler, these types of conversations are actually pretty common. You do the proud mom thing and beam from ear to ear when they tell you how cute your child is and that you have to enjoy every moment because “they grow up so fast.”

things people shouldn't sayI’m used to this kind of conversation by now, but when she unexpectedly added that I needed to “get his haircut because it’s too long”, I was a bit shocked. Um, excuse me? I can’t say I took it so well. But, after I had time to think about it, I realized she was probably right and it was time for a “big boy haircut”.

Four days later, we found ourselves at the hair dresser. We both had to be brave. After all, there was a reason his hair was long. He looked so sweet! As a parent, of course you do the the best you can for your kids. You’re there to protect them. You see them in a unique way that only a mom or dad does, and you try to make the best decisions on their behalf.  

Okay, cue transition! Here’s where I tell you how this encounter is just like surveys. The truth is, with surveys, you should never be in a situation where people are telling you your survey is too long. Most of the time they won’t directly come out and say it like my ‘friend’ at breakfast, but they’ll simply drop you and your survey altogether. Ouch.

In both child rearing and surveys, you’re close to the project. Click To Tweet

In both child rearing and surveys, you’re close to the project. Sometimes, after so much time together, you might be too close to see where improvements could be made. Really, the stranger at breakfast was right: my son did need a haircut and I knew it.

Not to be too dramatic here, but think of your own precious survey. That one you’ve been pouring your heart into for days or even weeks. Ready to chop it up?

If the thought gives you palpitations, stay calm. We can help. We can be that critical friend, teaching you how to spot a survey that has too many questions or too many pages and show you how a small “makeover” can have a big impact.

Reasonable survey length is important for optimal survey success. Just like a fresh ‘do, your survey’s length can make a good first impression. And if you’re feeling a little nervous about your survey, don’t worry. Whether it’s holding your hand through the trim or holding up the mirror when it’s all done, we’re here. We’ll be happy to take a look and offer up our recommendations for making your survey shine.