Understanding Skip Logic

We live in an increasingly interconnected world that — despite the conveniences of technology — seems to place greater demands on our time. Far from making our lives easier, these technological advances often leave many of us feeling like we’re treading water just to keep up.

Which has led to the life hacking phenomenon.


Essentially, life hacking is about finding ways to make our day-to-day activities easier. But, as the concept has gained popularity, it’s being applied to a variety of personal and professional tasks. There are blogs dedicated to work hacks, cooking hacks and fitness hacks. Life hacking holds the promise of increased efficiency, better workflow and helpful shortcuts that can enrich our lives by giving us more time to do the things that really matter.

Cue the life hacking backlash.

According to an article on Slate.com titled “Down With Life hacking!,” rather than make us more efficient at our daily tasks, life hacking actually increases our workload as we rush to fill our free time with more — you guessed it — life hacking. As the author pithily states, “Is there anything more self-defeating than using technology to free up your time—so that you can learn how to do an even better job at it?”

While the debate about the benefits of life hacking rages on, there are some beneficial takeaways. Smart companies value their customers’ time. Especially when surveying your clients and customers, you should always aim to create a personalized experience and eliminate redundancy. And skip logic is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Skip logic, or branching, allows you to route survey participants around irrelevant questions based on their previous answers. It creates a more relevant, tailored survey experience that not only increases participation rates, but also gives you more reliable data. And only SoGoSurvey has true, advanced skip logic.

Much of what passes for life hacking is really just common sense. But, with SoGoSurvey’s powerful and intuitive software, you can use innovative technology to create a pleasant experience for all your survey respondents.