Use of Surveys in the Conceptual Age

Online SurveysKnowledge and strategic planning were once the most important elements of any business or enterprise. However, according to a recent IBM Global CEO study, “creativity” is now the future of business evolution. In the Conceptual Age, right-brain skills will be key. Considering the rate of change and the complexity that will result from this, we need to go beyond just knowledge or expertise.

Online surveys are the answer to the success and growth of any business, with surveys and polls replacing all traditional forms of communication and analysis. This is partly because the amount of new information about any given subject is constantly increasing, and businesses need to adapt a new and improved mode of reaching out to potential customers.

In the Conceptual Age, the ability to ask smart and often unsettling questions is known as Provocative Inquiry. Trans-formative power lies in asking questions that make us rethink the obvious, and a well-crafted survey helps us do that in a more planned and professional way. Asking questions that help us gain information beyond the obvious is the future of market research and analysis.

A quick and obvious strategy will not survive the fierce competition of the Conceptual Age, so we need to think out of the box while asking questions. Based on the theory of Provocative inquiry, in order to encourage response, we need to have the ability to immediately capture attention and induce thought. With the help of an online survey, we can creatively plan our research campaign with a clear objective in mind, thereby engaging with respondents on a more creative level.