Anonymous Surveys Build Trust

As an HR Manager, you’ve been hearing some grumbling around the office. So, as any good HR Manager would do, you conduct an Employee Satisfaction Survey to get to the source of the problem. To your surprise, as you analyze the results, the overwhelming majority of your employees expressed nothing but joy and happiness about their work environment.

Are they really this happy, or just scared to be honest?


Having the ability to create an Anonymous survey is an important way to ensure honesty and increase response rates. With an Anonymous survey, the email and IP address of the participant is not connected to their response. Telling your employees that it is impossible to track their responses allows them to be more honest and candid in their answers.

A number of studies indicate that people don’t like providing personal information in surveys. Anonymity is useful in any scenario where your participants may be reluctant to have their personal information tied to their responses. When people trust that your survey tool guarantees their privacy, response rates soar.

Other online survey tools say that they have some form of anonymity. But only SoGoSurvey has true anonymity—there is no way that the survey administrator can learn the identities of the participants.

Survey platforms have evolved a long way past quick, dirty and flawed data collection.

The SoGoSurvey platform helps you build relationships with your customers, partners and employees by allowing you to brand trust. Anonymity guarantees better data and higher response rates — making you a smarter, more efficient organization.