v11.0: Release The Excitement!

It’s official: Our latest SoGoSurvey update is now live! If you’ve logged in within the past few days, you’ll notice the invitation to check out the new style. Not ready yet? Keep calm and check out a few highlights, starting with our updated flow…

  • YOUser Experience

This release is designed with you in mind, reducing the number of clicks you need to get your project done.

  • Focus 

We’ve streamlined the design paradigm to help you focus on one project at a time, flowing from stage to stage without interruption or unnecessary navigation steps.

  • Reporting for Style

The Omni Report is getting new features, and our PPT download style is updated, too, to make sure all eyes are on your data.

  • Places, Places

For both participants and users, we’ve made small adjustments to ensure everything is exactly where you expect it to be.

  • Help!

Our redesigned User Guide gives you the answers you need faster than ever!


Want to see more? Join a guided release tour, or simply log in to your account!

Can’t wait to hear what you think!