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Build confidence with total confidentiality.

Take advantage of the only survey tool with fully integrated anonymity.

Completely Anonymous, Completely Honest

No matter the topic, participants in anonymous surveys are significantly more likely to provide full, honest answers – data that can make a real difference. Whether you’re collecting legal or Human Resources feedback, checking for compliance and safety information, or sending a post-course evaluation, anonymity makes a big difference.

The best choice. Hands down.

"Incredibly Superior."

Business owner Yanina Silva talks about SoGoSurvey's advanced features and ease-of-use compared to other online survey tools.

79% of SoGoSurvey users came from other online survey tools. Maybe it's time for you to switch, too.


A. C. Franco

Butler Street

Your company and product are definitely customer oriented, and in my opinion this shows that you're leaders in the online survey tool market.


Edward Terry

Caplin & Drysdale

I tried another online survey tool and it just wasn't sophisticated enough to provide the results I needed. The branching and logic in SoGoSurvey was easier to use and it gave me the data I required.

Jenna Warner

University of Texas at Austin

I had never done a survey before, but SoGoSurvey was really user friendly and it was easy to create a survey.

Anonymity Simplified


Get the facts, not the fuss

Candid feedback matters. Ensure participants feel comfortable responding to the questions that matter most.

Complete disconnect

Complete disconnect

Even survey administrators can never link participants to their responses. Bring in the data, shut down the doubts.

Survey Reminders

Reminders, of course

Even for anonymous surveys, SoGoSurvey knows who hasn’t responded – even though survey administrators don’t. Send reminders to participants and keep responses coming.

Anonymity Guaranteed

When you create anonymous surveys with SoGoSurvey, participants get the picture right away. The proof is right on the page.

Anonymous Survey

SoGoSurvey Guarantee

Your responses are absolutely anonymous to the organization that sent you this survey.

What does that mean?

The sender will not be able to connect your answers with your email address or IP address. They see the answers, but they don’t know they’re from you.

How is that possible?

The SoGoSurvey system is created in such a way as to block the administrator of this survey (the person sending it you) from seeing your identifying information.

I received a reminder! Clearly, this survey can’t be anonymous!

Nobody knows that you received a reminder unless you tell them! Only the SoGoSurvey system “knows” that you haven’t completed the survey, and it will send you reminders until you click submit.

Why did SoGoSurvey create this anonymity feature?

We know that you want to be candid and honest in your feedback, but you might feel nervous about telling the whole truth. At the same time, we want to make sure that survey administrators both protect your privacy and ensure one response per participant. The result is accurate and useful data for reporting with complete anonymity for you.

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