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Customer Satisfaction You Can Count On

SoGoSurvey provides one of the world's best CX platforms, making it easy to start measuring customer satisfaction. You'll be uncovering actionable insights and improving your bottom line in no time.

Proactive > Reactive when it comes to Customer Satisfaction

Take the guesswork out of improving customer satisfaction by drilling deep for insights on what moves your customers.

Track customer satisfaction across any engagement, maximizing your CSAT insights through our comprehensive platform. Stop crunching the numbers and start focusing on real, actionable data:

  • Data-rich models outline key customer behavior vs. targeted goals
  • Real-time data access available across every level of your organization
  • Cultivate customer loyalty by predicting customer behavior

Customers Are Everywhere: Be There

SoGoSurvey’s CX platform gives you access to customers anywhere they go and via the channel they prefer most. Launch your next campaign today and see instant results. Creating avenues of communication through customer satisfaction surveys helps you collect data and builds influence with customers, reducing churn, improving sales, and providing valuable insights to strengthen product development.

Native Branding

Customers will always see what you want them to see: your brand, your logo, your style. Customize your invitations and surveys, white label your account, and more!

Always On Call

Never miss a beat, no matter the feedback. Instant awareness means you're able to take action quickly, proactively addressing any issues before it escalates – and damages your reputation.

Real-Time Results

Deliver automatic reports to keep track of long-term campaigns, or inform strategy by generating new analysis during critical discussions. Our reporting tools give you fast and secure access to collaborate across the office and around the world.

CSAT Reports Shape the Future

Customer satisfaction ratings measure how your customers feel about your product or service at a given point.

CSAT often targets a "here and now" reaction to a specific experience. Combining this measure with other elements of our reporting tools, like NPS and Key Driver Analysis, enables you to both react to immediate customer needs and to continually improve your processes and products to keep all your metrics healthy.

Heighten Customers' Brand Loyalty

Manage Satisfaction and Expectations

SoGoSurvey’s data-rich reports provide instant access to evaluate customer perceptions and needs. Take a 30,000 foot snapshot or drill down deeper to review reactions by subgroups. Pinpoint areas of improvement and monitor your efforts in real time by deploying customer feedback surveys with built-in learning analytics.

Address Concerns Immediately

When a customer provides a negative rating, would you rather find out instantly or after they've shared their frustration all over social media? Our automated alerts and reports let you prepare and deliver engaging automatic responses that lead to real customer experience management, ultimately improving your CSAT score.

Real Results for Real Clients

“User-friendly, SoGoSurvey has great functionalities in terms of data analysis.”

Christian Tesch

Business Analyst

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