NPS ®: One question, all the answers

Net Promoter Score ®is the world’s top metric for measuring customer experience. Measure NPS to know where you stand – the first step in moving forward.

What’s the deal with NPS?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an index to measure customer loyalty toward your brand, company, or service. Customers are asked to provide feedback about how likely they are to recommend your services in the future, using a 0 to 10 scale. The consistent scale gives you a clear benchmark for comparison over time or against other organizations as you work to improve customer experience.

Identifying your overall score, as well as the percentage of your customers who are Detractors, Passives, and Promoters, allows you a quick check of your brand’s overall health. The addition of follow-up questions can help you drill down, but the big picture itself can be powerful as a temperature check. After all, who knows how you’re doing better than your customers?


How does it work?

Responses to a Net Promoter Score question categorize customers in three groups:

nps detractors

Detractors 0 – 6

Customers who provide responses from 0 to 6. These respondents are less satisfied and are unlikely to have a positive impact on your organization. They are unlikely to recommend you and in some cases may even generate negative publicity about you.
nps promoters

Passives 7 or 8

Customers who choose 7 or 8. These are satisfied but unenthusiastic customers. They may defect to competitors if they see any available benefits.
net promoter score passives

Promoters 9 or 10

Customers who pick 9 or 10. These are your brand ambassadors, those you can consider your most loyal and satisfied customers. They are most likely to demonstrate positive behavior like referring new customers and spending more themselves.

To calculate the NPS, the percentage of Detractors is subtracted from the percentage of Promoters.

Promoters% (9-10)
Detractors% (0-6)

The Net Promoter Score can range between -100 (all Detractors) to +100 (all Promoters). A positive NPS is seen as good, whereas an NPS of +50 is considered excellent.

Why should I care?

Businesses that implement a strong NPS-led customer experience strategy know what’s happening in real time, collect meaningful data that allows quick analysis, and are prepared to meet customers’ needs as they arise. Wouldn’t you rather know better?

Customer experience management at your fingertips. Get started today!

NPS Tips


Measure early and often

There’s no time like the present to get started. Track trends to understand the impact of every move you make.


Keep it simple

Make it easy for customers to share feedback by taking a quick pulse at just the right moment.


Don’t ask for more than you need

For higher response rates, stick with NPS. The longer the survey, the lower the engagement.

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