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Surveys that show off what you’ve got – power, purpose, and style.

Design Survey Once, Deploy Anywhere

SoGoSurvey’s online survey tool helps you create beautiful, impactful surveys quickly and easily. Save time with a professionally designed template from our survey bank, prepared to meet the needs of every industry. Prefer to start from scratch? Design your own survey, choosing from all the question types you want and all the languages you need.

SoGoSurvey was easy to use. Loved the tutorials that explained each step of the process of setting up a survey.
Orlena Ballard, Director of Administration
Confidence Coach LLC

Advanced Survey Question Types

SoGoSurvey’s advanced question types are crafted to meet all of the simple and complex requirements that make up a perfect survey. Use our simple drag and drop interface to add these question types exactly where you need them. Create a free survey today to see our full range of options, including those highlighted below.

Single Grid

Group multiple Radio Button or Check Box questions in one grid

Matrix Grid

Group related questions in a grid format using multiple question types

Rating Grid

Assign weights to answer options in grid questions for double the data

Multiple Textbox

Ask for multiple open-ended responses in a single question

Multiple Drop Down

Include multiple dropdown options in one question


Answer by uploading a file (document, image, or multimedia)

Design Surveys with Confidence

Versatile Web and Mobile Survey Templates

Versatile Web and Mobile Survey Templates.

Build brand recognition with every detail, starting with our beautiful templates and making them your own.

Branching and Logic

Simplify each participant’s experience by setting simple or complex conditions to determine their path. Engagement and data quality benefit!

Branching and Logic
Guaranteed Anonymity

Guaranteed Anonymity

Comprehensive anonymity means better quality feedback, higher response rates, and increased comfort and security for participants.

Secure Survey Data with SSL Encryption

Enable high-quality Secure Socket Layer data encryption and rest assured that even sensitive data is protected during transmission.

Secure Survey Data with SSL
Track Survey with Rules & Alerts

Track Survey with Rules & Alerts

When a response meets your pre-set conditions, get notified instantly so you can take action quickly to address the situation or solve the problem.

Who says you can’t have it all?

Net Promoter Score

Pre-Populate Participant Data

Why ask people to tell you what you already know? Pre-population makes report data more accurate, streamlines survey completion, and offers you more analytical power.

Add Images and Multimedia

Keep participants engaged and offer interactive opportunities by embedding images and multimedia options in your questions and answers.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Ready-to-Use Answer Library

Save time by filling the blanks with pre-loaded lists like countries, time zones, and occupations. Plus, create and save your own lists of frequently used answer choices unique to your organization.

Save Response & Continue Later

This feature offers convenience, letting participants save their responses and then return to the survey later and pick up where they stopped. A perfect feature for long surveys or busy participants.

Committed to customer success

Personalized Survey Thank-You Page

Create a personalized thank-you page to be displayed upon survey completion. Choose to show a graph of responses, provide print options, and let participants forward the survey to others

Always Be Branding

Customize colors and fonts, incorporate your company logo. Every survey is an opportunity to build the bond between your customer and your brand.

Spell Check & Find and Replace

Double-check all of the questions, answers, and messages in your survey at once, and easily find and replace text as needed to keep editing and updates simple.

Real-time reports

Pipe Answers to Customize

Insert a participant’s answer into a question on a later page, personalizing the survey experience and helping to focus the participant’s attention.

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