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If you work for a non-profit or organization fueled by charity, you understand how important feedback is to ensure the success of your fundraising efforts. You know more than anyone that your donors matter—especially their opinions.

Soliciting donor feedback gives your donors a voice while providing access to important information. Did your organization clearly explain your fundraising goals? What did donors like most about the fundraiser? Was the cost of the event too high or too low? Based on donor responses, determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and outreach, whether donors would contribute to your organization again, and what issues are most important to them.

Use SoGoSurvey’s customizable Donor Feedback Survey template to reach out to donors and collect their feedback. Discover where you can make improvements to your organization so that donors will be more likely to give again. Plus, learn more about your donor base to better target your outreach efforts for even more support.

Strategic Planning Survey

Examine perspectives on your organization’s goals, progress, and more to evaluate, revise, or create your strategic plan.

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Volunteer Recruitment Survey

Hear directly from volunteers about their interests and availability to connect them to the right events and opportunities as quickly as possible.

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Volunteer Satisfaction Survey

Follow up on events and other activities by asking volunteers what worked and what should change to improve future opportunities.

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