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Get upgraded to a paid package for free

At SoGoSurvey, we believe strongly in the power of education, and we want to make sure all students have access to the resources they need. SoGoSurvey is very happy to upgrade you to a paid (Plus) package for free. The steps to request a free update are given below.

SIGN UP Use your student email address to sign for a free SoGoSurvey package.
LIKE Once you've taken some time to explore, Like SoGoSurvey on Facebook and post a comment about your experience.
SHARE Post a video, blog, or forum message about your experience with SoGoSurvey.
ASK Email your request, a copy of your student ID, and a link to your story to
RENEW Avail 50% discount on renewal, and provide proof that you still hold a student ID.

What do you get with your free account?

Your student account isn’t just a free trial, designed to create a PR talking point for our company. We want to extend the benefits of our platform to the next generation. Your innovation could lead to new learning, growth and new breakthroughs in dozens of fields. Below are just a few of the benefits of your new student account.

Designed by Pros for Rookies
Our web based platform is designed to be simple, intuitive and effective for users of all levels. You don’t have to be a graphic designer or an expert in all things survey related to craft powerful, effective messaging that people will respond to honestly.
Reaching a Worldwide Audience
SoGoSurvey’s distribution options let you establish meaningful connections all over the world, via your audience’s preferred contact methods.
Our adaptable templates look great on any screen, letting you send alerts vis text, email, social media channel or virtually any other method.
Cutting Edge Analytics
From the moment you launch a survey, our smart reporting analytics calculate metrics in real time, giving you the most complete view of your data at any moment. Built to be shared, our smart reports can be automatically distributed to the rest of your team or exported to your presentation software of choice.

Enhance All Aspects of Your Project

Engineering, Political Science, Psychology, and Bio-Medical Research.

Our web based tools are accessible from anywhere, giving you the flexibility to take it with you from semester to semester, project to project or even to a new school.
Our expertly designed templates allow you to create and deploy at a moment’s notice, ensuring you’ll never miss out on important feedback or data collection.


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What goes in the email?

- Your SoGoSurvey account username
- The Facebook account name through which you Liked and commented on our page
- The URL of your blog post
- A copy of your student ID

Can I opt for a Pro or Premium plan instead?

Yes, we offer significant discounts on these packages. Please see the Discounted Student License section below.

How long can I have this discount?

This plan lasts only for one year, at which point you can apply for a renewal. SoGoSurvey offers 50% student discount for the subsequent year.

How soon will my free account be upgraded?

Within 24 hours of receiving your email with all the necessary information.

How do I renew my discount?

Repeat the process, including posting a new Facebook comment, writing a public article or review, and send a request to to avail a discount code.

Please note: By accepting a Free Annual Student License or a Discounted Student License, you give us permission to reprint your comments, including your name, in SoGoSurvey marketing materials.

Discounted Student License

If you can’t meet the requirements for the Free Annual Student License or you need more features, take advantage of student discounts on a Plus, Pro, or Premium plan.

Review the Feature Comparison List to better understand each plan, then take your pick:


Discounted to

$ 75 /year

Discounted to

$ 197 /year

Discounted to

$ 297 /year


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