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Following up is an important part of any non-profit campaign or event to garner important opinions from members about specific events and activities. Surveys are an excellent tool for discovering what donors liked or disliked in order to make strategic decisions regarding future fundraising initiatives.

By soliciting feedback on your fundraiser, you’ll be able to improve your process and engage your donors at the same time. SoGoSurvey’s customizable online Fundraising Feedback Survey provides vital information on why your donors are motivated to give to you. What about your organization appeals to them the most?

Not only will you obtain valuable information, you’ll be engaging your donors to feel they are a part of your mission, and invested in making it better, which makes it easier for them to donate again—a win-win for everyone.

Volunteer Recruitment Survey

Hear directly from volunteers about their interests and availability to connect them to the right events and opportunities as quickly as possible.

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Volunteer Satisfaction Survey

Follow up on events and other activities by asking volunteers what worked and what should change to improve future opportunities.

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Non-Profit Member Satisfaction Survey

Improve satisfaction for all members by learning more about their experience with your organization, communication, volunteer opportunities, and more.

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