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Project Basics
  • Getting Started!
    • Assessment Question types
      • Score and more
        • Quiz participation
          • Get Results
          • Introduction to Poll
            • Build your Poll
              • Launch your Poll
                • Analyze your Poll
                  • Build Project
                    • Project Style
                      • Launch Project
                        • Analyze Project
                          • Account Settings
                            • Good to Know

                              All Projects

                              Access all your projects by clicking on the All Projects icon. There’s a lot you can do here!

                              Let’s take a look:


                              Click on the project title itself to revise the name, then confirm your change. You can also edit details like name and description under settings Options once you edit your project.


                              Hover over the project name and click on the pencil icon that appears to the right. You’ll be taken directly to the Design module so you can make any necessary changes to your survey. You’ll find a variety of options here to build your project in here.


                              Hover over the project name and click on the eye icon to the right. A new tab will open to display your survey exactly as it will appear to participants. Multiple preview options are available.


                              When you hover over the project name, you’ll see a Publish icon to the right. Click on this icon and you’ll be taken directly to the menu of distribution options so you can launch quickly.


                              Hovering over your project name will reveal a bar graph icon to the far right. Click on this icon to dive straight in to the Report module and start your analysis.


                              Once you hover over your project name, you’ll see an Export icon on the far right. Click here to be taken to the Data module, where you can export into a variety of formats or import new data.


                              Hover over the project name and click on the More icon that appears at the right end to display additional options:

                              • Move to
                                Re-organize your account by moving the selected project to a new folder.
                              • Copy
                                You have these options available:

                                • This Account: Save time by instantly duplicating the selected project.
                                • Into Different Account: If you’d like to copy into a different account, you’ll need the account’s User ID. The administrator of that account will receive a notification and can decide whether or not to accept the copied project.
                              • Download
                                Whether you need an offline version of this project for your own review, to collect team feedback, to generate paper versions, or anything else, you’ve got it!

                                • Adobe PDF downloads a clean, un-editable document. You may search for certain words within the document, for example, but you cannot edit text or images.
                                • MS Word downloads a copy of the project in Microsoft Word format, allowing you to edit text, images, margins, and other details.
                                • Scanner Ready format also opens an editable copy of the project in Microsoft Word. However, the extra spacing and wide margins of this format make it more conducive to scanning paper results via a third party.
                              • Delete
                                You can delete your project by clicking on delete under More. Keep in mind that deleting your survey will delete any invitation, responses and reports associated with it.
                              • Expiry Rules
                                Choose when to expire your survey – now, based on a certain condition, or when the account expires. Learn more about how you can set advanced Expiration Rules.


                              Your account includes default folders automatically, but to organize your projects, you may create customized folders. While creating a new project, you will be prompted to add it to your chosen folder, but you may also arrange projects between folders later. Learn more about organizing your folders.