Utilities Tab Tour



This section provides quick access to a list of more advanced features, mostly useful after you have designed your survey draft or received survey responses.utilities tab

  1. Survey Calendar

Allows you to plan your survey calendar for better management. Actual calendar and planned calendar can both be reviewed here.

  1. Google Analytics

Analyze visitors of your survey by using powerful features available in Google Analytics. Link to your existing Google Analytics account.

  1. File Library

Upload files and access them via the URL. Use the file URL anywhere within your survey or invitation to allow participants to download the file.

  1. Merge Surveys

Allows the user to merge two or more surveys along with responses in one new survey.

  1. Quick Access Shortcut

Allows you to create a shortcut link that should be saved on your desktop, providing an efficient way to perform frequently used tasks, such as Send Invitation, Send Reminder, View Reports, and more.

  1. URL based Pre-population

Allows you to pre-populate a survey through its public access URL.

  1. Switch Invitations

Switch Invitations is a ‘just in case’ feature. If you launch your survey without the final question or the final branching rule in place, Switch Invitations can help to rescue you. Participants will use the same link to access your survey but will be redirected to the corrected survey.

  1. Master Log

Keep track of all invitations/reminders ever sent from your SoGoSurvey account. Each record indicates the number of invitations sent, number of times an invitee has participated, status of each invitation sent out, etc.