Tracking Test Invitations

Sending Test Invitations invites to your team and your own inbox, too, helps you to verify that everything in your invitation and survey looks and functions correctly. Although responses to Test Invitations are not included in data collection for reporting, you can review the responses received through Test Invitations under Track Survey.

To review Test Invitation Responses:

  1. Under the Distribute tab, select your survey and then click on Track Survey.
  2. Click on the Test Invites icon in the bottom left corner of your screen._0002s_0002_1
  3. A hyperlink will appear on any email address with a Completed status. Click on this link to be redirected to the participant’s Individual Responses
  4. In addition to the responses, the Individual Responses will display the Email Address, Participation Date and Time, as well as the IP Address of the respondent._0002s_0000_3