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                                        Applying Filters in Omni

                                        Adding a filter to your report lets you drill down on a specific group of participants based on their answers to one or more questions.

                                        For example:Maybe you’d like to see a report that includes only participants who said they were “Very Dissatisfied” with an event. Or, get more specific and create a multi-condition filter that will display those “Very Dissatisfied” participants who also attended last year’s event.

                                        Generate New Filter

                                        To create a new filter:

                                        1. Click on the Filter icon on the top right corner.
                                        2. Click Create a Filter.
                                        3. Choose the question(s) your filter will be based on, like “How satisfied were you with the event?”
                                        4. Choose the question that will determine your condition, like “How satisfied were you with the event?”.
                                        5. Once the questions are added to the filter panel, click on the question to choose the appropriate condition, like “is one of the following”.
                                        6. Then, select the appropriate answer option(s) that will define the filter, like “Very Dissatisfied”, and Apply.
                                        7. To add another condition, click on another question in the panel and repeat.
                                        8. Save the filter and enter a descriptive name like “Very Dissatisfied”.

                                        Review Filters

                                        • Filters you have already created and saved will be visible in the Filter Manager.
                                        • Once a filter is applied, make changes by clicking Update. This will overwrite the existing filter.
                                        • Changes made can also be saved as a new filter by using Save As New. This will not overwrite the existing filter.

                                        Save and Reset

                                        • All changes made to this report are saved automatically.
                                        • Generating the Omni Report again for the same project will display any previous changes.
                                        • To clear customization and return to the default report display, click the Reset All icon on the right side of the screen. All changes will be lost.