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                                        Applying Segmentation in Omni

                                        To drill down to a deeper understanding of your results, you can apply segmentation based on the question and answers of your choice. Segmentation can be applied to one, some, or all questions in your report.

                                        For example:To understand satisfaction levels across different departments, segment a question asking ‘How satisfied are you working for us?” into different departments.

                                        Here’s how:

                                        1. In the Omni Report hover over a question you’d like to segment. For example, “How satisfied are you working for us?”
                                        2. Click on the three-dot menu to the right of the question.
                                        3. Click Apply Segmentation.

                                          You cannot apply segmentation on Text Box and Ranking questions. Open-ended questions with numerical response can be segmented for their statistical value or mean graph.

                                        4. Next, choose the question you want to use for segmentation. For example, department.

                                          Text Box. Ranking, and Numeric Allocation questions can not be used to segment.

                                        5. Choose your segments by selecting the answer options.
                                        6. Choose to merge or rename Answer Options used for segmentation by clicking on Merge or Rename Answer Options. From here, edit text or select answers and click the merge icon.
                                        7. Review your results. To see the segmentation applied, click on the segment icon next to the question.