Assessments and Quizzes

Ready to create your first quiz? Great!

Take a quick look at the steps you’ll need to know as you get started:

  1. Be sure you’re starting in the Assessment Tool. While the flow may appear similar to the Survey Tool, the Assessment Tool offers additional options for smarter quizzes!
  2. Create your quiz! Choose an option from the Assessment Bank, or start from scratch.
  3. Add questions that can be automatically scored to save yourself time and effort and to offer participants quick results.
  4. Assign scores to your answer options, based on your preferences and requirements, or simply identify answers as correct or incorrect.
  5. To learn even more from your results, you may categorize questions so you’ll know what’s been learned and what needs work.
  6. You may also choose to set time limits, to keep participation fair – and maybe help improve participants’ focus, too.
  7. Once participants have submitted their responses, customize the Results Page displayed with scores and other details. Allow participants to instantly print or download their results for confirmation or reference.
  8. Finally, you may choose to send instant follow-up emails to yourself or your students, including any relevant scores or next steps.

Ready? Time for a quiz!