Assessment Question Types


If you want to conduct an online assessment or quiz that displays scores to the survey participants, after they have participated, SoGoSurvey can help. Our assessment features allow you to create the right questions, assign scores, and run reports on the results.

First, start with the questions.

You can only assign scores to a specific set of question types, and therefore, those are the only ones you can use to create an assessment. Here’s the list:

  • Drop Down
  • Radio Button
  • Horizontal Radio
  • Check Box
  • List Box
  • Rating
  • Rating Scale
  • Matrix Grid Drop Down
  • Matrix Grid Radio Button
  • Matrix Grid Check Box
  • Matrix Grid Rating Scale
  • Multiple Drop Down
  • Matrix Grid Rating

Scores cannot be assigned to Ranking, and Multiple Text Box, or any open-ended question types, but these questions can be included in assessments, as desired.

To add scores and categorize questions, learn more here.