Assessment Summary: Review Scores

The Assessment Summary is used to display both individual scores for each question and aggregate scores on Assessment Surveys. Scores can be associated with each answer option in closed-ended questions on Assessment Surveys. These scores can be assigned from the Options menu on the Assessment Settings page.

Generate Assessment Summary Report

These steps will help you to create an Assessment Summary Report:

  1. From the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of your screen, select Assessment Tool.
  2. Select your survey and click on Report.
  3. On the Report menu bar, click on Individual and select Assessment Summary.
  4. Select questions you wish to add and click on Continue.
  5. You can always click on Generate Now to skip report customization.

  6. On the next step, you can drag and drop to rearrange the questions for the best presentation of your information. Click Continue when you are ready.
  7. Select properties that you want to display in your report:
    1. Email Address/IP Address: Displays both the email and IP address of each participant
    2. Date and Time: Displays each respondent’s date and time of participation
    3. Time taken (HH:MM:SS): Displays each respondent’s total survey participation time
    4. Include incomplete responses in the report is used to include partial responses that are yet to be submitted
  8. Next, you may choose to apply a filter to your report based on desired conditions by selecting a filter from the dropdown list or by clicking on Create New to build a new filter.

Review/Modify Assessment Summary Report

To modify a generated report, clicking on ‘Modify this Report’ will redirect you to the first step of the report wizard.

Survey Report Details

Survey Metrics: Survey Metrics displays Date, Invitation, and Responses Metrics, which provide details about the responses included in the generated report. You may click on the Edit icon beside the Survey Metrics option to show or hide particular Date, Invitation, and Response Metrics.

Properties and Filters: All report properties and response languages present in the generated report are visible here. You can edit, remove, or add the field which you want in the report by clicking on the Edit icon. If you are generating a report for a multilingual survey, you may review responses submitted for particular language by selecting it from the language dropdown menu.

Commentary: Comments can be added in the report by clicking the ‘Add Commentary’ link.

Scores: Clicking on ‘View assigned scores’ will display up to 100 responses at a time. See all responses from a single participant by clicking on the response’s serial number on the far left.

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